Course Conclusion and Certificate Exam

1. Course Recap

Welcome to the Course Conclusion and Certificate Exam

As a recap, module 1 introduced you to some basic emergency management concepts, risks, and risk analysis. Module 2 focused on community and organisational resilience, risk readiness, and risk reduction. Module 3 discussed response management, collaboration, and coordination with the aim of supporting the communities and organisations within them during times of trauma and disaster. 

Module 4 took a look at how communities and organisations can recover from disasters and emergency situations. 

Keep in mind that we need to achieve sufficient understanding of risk to manage risks, which includes the 4Rs of emergency management. 

Click on each of the the yellow 'i' icons in the image below for a quick review of each of the Rs of emergency management. 

For a quick conclusion of what we learned in this course, watch the video below (4:34 mins) before moving onto the certificate exam.