Response Challenge

Response Challenge

by Tracey Fraser -
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My immediate community is at risk of flooding as a river runs along the south side of the suburb. We are on a flood plain and it has previously flooded.

I would be concerned about response, much of this area are rental homes and I don't believe many would realise it has the potential to flood. While there was enhanced flood protection put in place after the last flood, with climate change there is an ongoing risk that those protections could fail or not be enough in the future.

We don't have many community places for people to shelter in this area and because this area is separated from the centre city by the river and bridge, there is the potential for people to be caught out and not be able to get to this area quickly to prepare their homes or gather their things.

Housing, like most of NZ, is an issue if 300-3000 homes were affected there would not be accommodation available for displaced people.