Response/Recovery Challenges

Response/Recovery Challenges

by Julie Sherston -
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The most serious hazards for our community is earthquake and flooding. The fault lines throughout the area. There are a number of areas's which are flood-prone.

Our local area has few community response teams to enable a quick response by the community. There is a heavy reliance on Government to local councils to be providing this capability. I believe there would be a number of risk communities isolated and unable to have their welfare needs catered for.

Whilst we now have the new highway open this would still put communities at risk. Our food distribution centres are in the Hutt Valley. Our foodbanks are already working beyond their capacity with COVID and have few stocks to support other events. The households have low supplies for daily living without being affected by a hazard such as an earthquake or floods restricting supplies. I also wonder given the economic environment currently that households have moved thinking that insurance is a "luxury" they can not afford.

Given that we have at-risk communities both the response and recovery would be slowed and the long-term effects continue for a longer period than necessary.