Response and Recovery Challenges for My Organisation

Response and Recovery Challenges for My Organisation

by Francesca Passi -
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What are the most serious hazards your community (or organisation) faces?

The potential event that would carry the most significant challenges to our organization based in London, UK, would be a terrorist attack (human-induced) or a severe storm. We know, based on geological research, that the east coast of NZ is overdue for a significant event of this type, the research suggests it will happen within our lifetime.

2. How your community (or organisation) would respond to the most significant hazard now.

To respond to a terrorist attack, we have lockdown procedures in place, and an emergency notification system that would allow us to notify all staff promptly.
As for the storm, we have an Alternate Command Post where we could go to should our building become inaccessible.

3. What issues would come from that Response or Recovery?

There are different factors that would impact the preparation and the response:

- Availability of network/communication systems to warn staff (for terrorist attack)
- Staff preparedness: availability of go-bags to quickly evacuate affected sites in the event of storms and related floods, without being stranded afterwards
- Effective warning systems : this would give people the opportunity to evacuate in time if needed (floods)