1. Community Resilience

Welcome to Module 2: Risk Readiness and Resilience

In the previous module, you explored the concept of risk and emergency management. As a result, you should have a better understanding of the role that legislation plays in emergency management, some of the effects that emergency management has had on real life examples of emergencies and the effects that emergencies have on on how we manage emergencies now. 

This module builds on those concepts by taking a look at the role that community resilience plays in hazard response and management. We will also give you opportunities to explore some more real life examples of hazards and provide you with the resources to begin planning to manage hazards and reducing the effects they could have on the community. 

To start with, watch the video below (7:43mins) where Jon introduces you to community resilience before completing the activity on the next page. 



Massey blue lightbulb

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