by Michelle Gillman -
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The most serious hazard my community faces is flooding from the river that runs through the city, as a lot of the community lives in low-lying areas.

The last time we had a flood it caused significant damage to housing and roads, leading to evacuations and long-term displacement of families, and businesses.

Since then the local and central government has improved roading and stabilised areas that were at risk of eroding and collapsing.

There is action at the moment re the riverbank and flood protection in our area, regional meetings and proposals are being discussed to come up with a solution that is cost-effective and will meet the needs of the community.

Additionally, many of the houses that are in the flood zone now have additional insurance cavets.

The communities that live in these flood zones are now more aware of the flood potential and the risks thereof, in relation to their own properties, warning signs of the river levels upstream, supplies needed, and potential evacuation planning.